Who we are?
SentopixStudio is an independent game development studio made up of a small team of two people.
Sento who codes, edits, creates and designs, and Ster who advises and manages the social networks.
We are currently developing Rocksteroids.
Although the project is still in the early stages, we are very excited and from here we want to show you our progress.

Sentopix Code

We use GDScript, form GODOT, to code all Rocksteroids (WIP) functions and methods. 

Sentopix Art

By using applications such as PyxeEdit or Aseprite, Sento designs the graphics and sprites that the project needs.

Sentopix Sounds

Sento creates all sounds and music themes. In the past he was DJ and music producer.
Among his favorite tools is the Daw Bitwig or the incredible Elektron Digitakt sampler.