Sentopix Studio presents:
An action roguelite set in space.
Face off against multitudes of enemies in 
procedurally generated asteroid fields.
Pixel art graphics and retro aesthetics.

These are troubled times in this sector of the galaxy.
The Megacorporation, a commercial conglomeratewith monopolistic practices, has been appropriating all the asteroid fields in orderto control the flow of the most
important minerals.

This leaves the planets of the Union of Free Worlds in a very delicate position, whichmust pay exorbitant sums for metals and other compounds necessary for the properdevelopment of their colonies.

But they have decided to take action by founding Rocksteroids, a divisionof special operations corps.
Their mission will be to carry out selective attacks on the asteroid fields and quickly seizeshipments of minerals, metals, ores and rocks with chemical compounds that the Union needs.

It will not be an easy task. The Megacorporation has arranged all kinds of defensive measures to protect the fields. Drones, cannons, mined areas, and in the most important, true detachments with heavy ships designed to avoid looting.

You, young pilot from the academy, have just been assigned to the Rocksteroids project, and trained in the handling of the capable OreTraktor. Versatile raid ship, equipped with the latest combat technology.

The future of thousands ofsettlers is in your hands.

Welcome to Rocksteroids.

Get Ready

To pilot the incredible ORETRAKTOR designed for the most dangerous incursions.
Use your lasers to defend yourself and to split the asteroids and collect their crystals, and your powerful engines to return to the base safely.

Heavy Weaponry

You choose, lasers, turbolasers, torpedoes, radiation waves. A whole arsenal at your fingertips.


Drones, Minefields, 
Armored Rangers, Motherships.
 The Megacorporation will not
 make it easy for you.


Destroy them to get the minerals you need to complete the mission.